Logically Designed Marketing Displays for
Radically Improved Results

In-store marketing displays, if designed effectively, can double up as a salesman for your merchandise. We at Miramar Designs have mastered the art of making your products stand out from the retail clutter.

Your product needs to make an impact when it matters the most — during the purchase decision. Lighted displays, creative fixtures, point-of-purchase displays, interactive displays and signage systems can potentially have an impact on a consumers purchase decision.

Whether you are a stand-alone store or a big-box store, we can partner with you for the latest and best in marketing displays and lighted displays.

Out-of-the-box solutions

Research for new possibilities and opportunities is a never ending process at Miramar Designs. We are steered by some of the brightest, handpicked talent in the display solutions industry. Your marketing goals are unique, and so are our solutions for you.

Rely on us for impeccable performance on every front; be it designing, engineering, project management, production, warehousing, logistics, fulfillment, distribution or installation.

Our capabilities are accentuated by our expertise in insert injection molding solutions that give you access to the best marketing and lighted displays at surprisingly affordable costs. We can work with a myriad of materials such as metal, wire, wood or plastic.

Miramar Designs' design professionals, engineers, project managers and production staff await the opportunity to work with you. Contact a Miramar Designs representative to know how we can help you achieve this end.